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San Francisco International Airport Approves Ground Based Radar Contract to SRI

After an extensive evaluation and competitive bid process, the San Francisco Airport Commission has approved a contract to Security Radar Integrators, Inc. to provide integrated ...

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SRI Automates Swimmer Detection With ARS-HD

SRI announces that its High Definition Airfield Radar System has undergone operational test and evaluation for swimmer detection by National Safe Skies Alliance, Inc. Because of ...

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SRI Announces Vice President of Business Development

SRI announces the appointment of Michelle Flynn to our executive team as Vice President of Business Development. After a successful 29 year career, most recently ...

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SRI Receives Final Acceptance for Airfield Radar System

SRI has delivered and received customer acceptance for two ARS-1500 Airfield Radar Systems at an international airport in Florida. The ARS-1500 detects and tracks vehicles ...

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Innovating Airport Perimeter Security Without the Business Risk

7 Steps to Leveraging Perimeter Security Technology

This article is written for Airport Professionals who see promise in technology to automate airport safety and security, but ...

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Airfield Radar System Evaluated for FAA by Safe Skies Alliance

SRI announces that its Airfield Radar System has undergone operational test and evaluation by National Safe Skies Alliance, Inc. Rockledge, Florida – Security Radar Integrators, Inc. ...

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Selecting a Ground Radar for Airport Perimeter Security

With a growing number of radar manufacturers offering their products to airports for security, it is increasingly important to understand the critical tradeoffs to selecting ...

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SRI Tests Airfield Radar System at Atlanta International Airport

Airfield Radar System (ARS) Performs Well over Rough Terrain at World’s Busiest Airport SRI deployed ARS at ATL this week as part of a comprehensive technology ...

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The Importance of Ground Radar for Airfield Safety and Security

As the evolution of technology accelerates, we have an increasing number of tools available to watch and respond to potential threats on our airfields. The ...

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ARS now Available Through US Communities

In a new partnership with Safeware-Mallory, SRI’s Airfield Radar System is now available to state and local agencies through the US Communities Government Purchasing Alliance. ...

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Airfield Radar System (ARS) for Perimeter Security, Airfield Ops, and Wildlife Mitigation

Because of the wide open areas at airports, airport operators have significant challenges monitoring for perimeter intrusions, runway incursions, and wildlife threats. Human or CCTV surveillance is not practical because of the wide areas involved. What is needed is an automated system to monitor the perimeter and interior of the airfield 24/7, and notify airport personnel when security, safety, or wildlife threats exist.

SRI builds the turn-key Airfield Radar System using the industry’s best radar, cameras and electronic components. Built and tested at our SRI manufacturing facility, ARS is a drop-in solution for airfield surveillance automation. Once installed, ARS can also be tied into existing cameras, video management systems, access control systems, and PSIM systems.

Europe has been leading the US in ground radar surveillance since 2009 because of frequency restrictions by the FCC. The ideal frequency for airport ground radar is W band, because of the high sensitivity and resolution compared to other bands. The FCC has now opened the use of W band for airports with no license required, and SRI is exclusively offering its ARS using Navtech W band radar which had been deployed in 23 European airports, including Brussels and Copenhagen.

SRI’s Airfield Radar System is a generation ahead of other radar solutions available, with detection rates of 98%, almost non-existent nuisance alarms, and classification and rules that provide true automation of airfield surveillance.

Since the FCC opened W band for airports, SRI has conducted numerous field trials in US commercial service airports, including two evaluations for the FAA by National Safe Skies Alliance. ARS was also featured on the Discovery Channel at Orlando International Airport, as seen in the short video above. US airports are adopting the technology, and we have a strategy to catch and surpass Europe in the coming years.

SRI is committed to continuing the adoption of our Airfield Radar System by US airports. Thank you for visiting our web site. We would be happy to schedule a meeting or webinar to show you firsthand what this technology can do for your airport.

Respectfully, sig2-trans Daniel Flynn President

Airport perimeter security systems and airport radar security systems ~ radar surveillance systems for airfields and seaports.

About SRI

SRI was founded in 2013 to accelerate the adoption of radar for airport safety and security in the US. Daniel Flynn, Founder and President of SRI, previously built a similar business and team in 2004 for Honeywell, and successfully deployed 20 radar sites around the world for airports, seaports, industrial plants, and offshore platforms. With this experience, SRI best understands what radar types perform well in what applications. For airports or system integrators to build such systems, they would have to build this experience in-house, which is not their core business. This is the value that SRI brings to the table – to accelerate the use of this most effective technology with a low risk approach.

For airport perimeter security, SRI combines the best performing radars with industry standard cameras and advanced software to deliver a truly automated turn-key Airfield Radar System (ARS). Since SRI does not manufacture the radars or cameras, we are free to select the absolute best products for our systems. The radars we use for airports are used extensively around the world (over 400 units), and are now approved for use in the US by the FCC.

After 10 field trials in US commercial airports and 3 Safe Skies evaluations, ARS is seeing rapid adoption in the US. Our low risk support model is direct from the end user to SRI, with backup from radar and camera manufacturers if needed. ARS is on the US Communities contract, which is like GSA for state and local entities. This allows airports to save substantial cost and time developing RFPs and potentially ending up with a system they don’t want.

SRI has been working hard with airports, consultants, and system integrators to make our airports safer, and has become the go-to company for airports looking for ways to automate airfield safety and security.