Blue Force Tracking

Detecting safety and security threats with radar or other sensors is one thing, but how do you allow site personnel to move within the secure areas to do their job?

The answer is to use Blue Force trackers to transmit their location every second to override other sensors and give them passage without triggering alarms.

SRI has integrated RTS GPS trackers for people and vehicles into our secure areas to provide this Blue Force Tracking capability.
In addition to Blue Force, the system shows a live and historical view of all tracker locations for situational awareness and forensics.

Remote Worker Safety

Runway Incursion Detection


The RTS RF Series is a high-performance long-range tracking system using high frequency license free radio to communicate the position of people vehicles, and other remote assets. Remote tracking units report their position to an RF base unit which in turn communicates with a Command and Control System (CCS). The CCS integrates the tracking data with data from Google Earth and Google Maps to display real- time tracking unit location and status data.

The system can simultaneously track thousands of remote units, each transmitting ID and status data, GPS position and satellite count, heading, and speed.

The standard line of site distance of 5 miles for vehicles and other assets. Base Transceiver Units can be added to extend coverage area and to provide fail tolerance. An eight channel Base Transceiver Unit allows remote units to report in on different frequencies for added system capacity.

Options are available for data encryption, IP67 hardening, man-down and distress signaling, and Compact Display Unit for vehicles.

The system may be integrated with local RFID systems and far-flung remote systems communicating via global cellular technology to provide a comprehensive picture of an organization’s people and assets.

RF Base Unit

Personnel Tracking Unit

Vehicle Tracking Unit


Blue Force Tracking Radar Setup

Industrial Worker Safety

Airport Tug and Dolly Tracking

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