Leveraging years of strong growth in revenue and earnings, SRI has added seven sensors to our portfolio, integrated into our base solutions using our proprietary Sensor Fusion Engine (SFE).

With invaluable older relationships and exciting new ones, SRI is going full steam ahead to bring the best technology for various applications to our customers using a fully tested, turn-key approach. Our expanded list of sensor partners now includes:

Navtech Radar Ltd. – is by far the highest resolution and best performing ground radar
Furuno USA – has leapfrogged the competition in long range coastal surveillance radar
Magos Systems – the most cost-effective panel radar for industrial applications
Echodyne – the first cost effective electronically steered 3D radar for drone detection
DeDrone – RF drone detection that won last year’s Game of Drones competition by USSOCOM
RTS – GPS based Blue Force Tracking keeps track of visitors, patrols, and operations personnel
SightLogix – the leading thermal analytics to cover locations such as fences behind buildings
SICK – LIDAR for Virtual Walls and floors that can detect a passport being thrown over a wall

Now that we’ve completed the business and technical milestones to deliver these integrated systems, our customers can benefit from these best of breed sensors from SRI. We are excited to leverage our experience to our customers’ advantage.