RF Drone Detection

SRI has teamed with DeTect to integrate their RF listening technology with our Airfield Radar System. Using DeTect’s DroneWatcherRF sensor and SRI’s Sensor Fusion Engine, drone alerts appear on the ARS console and trigger responses with user defined rules.

DroneWatcherRF detects and classifies drones via multiple, integrated software-defined radios (SDRs). Detection range can reach up to 5 miles (8 miles at one site), depending on installation and environment characteristics.

The RF sensors can plug directly into SRI’s Airfield Radar System and are compatible with ARS. All systems are fully integrated and tested by SRI at our factory before shipping a turn-key solution to the end user.

  • Selected for Amazon HQ, State of Texas Capitol Complex, and US Navy CUAS program.
  • Early detection of drones, even before they take off.
  • Classification of drone characteristics and incident logging.
  • Identification of drones from extensive database.

3D Radar Drone Detection

SRI has also teamed with Echodyne who makes the first cost effective Electronically Steered Array radar available for looking up.

Most security radars are designed to look at the ground or the water for intrusions, bur Echodyne’s EchoGaurd radar has an 80-degree vertical beam to detect small drones to 1000 meters.

When combined with SRI ground radars and DroneWatcherRF listeners, the system can discriminate between drones and birds, and give our customers peace of mind about threats from land, sea, and air.

  • Revolutionary MESA radar technology scans the airspace 120 degrees in Azimuth and 80 degrees in elevation.
  • Drones are discriminated from birds by EchoGuard and with DroneWatcherRF Listeners.
  • Combined with SRI perimeter surveillance, we mitigate threats from land, sea, and air.

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